Few words about me




BIO: I was working as an Equity research analyst for 5 years between Spain and Portugal during one of the worst economic and macro moments of the history of Europe (more). Then I decided to follow the dream of coming to Asia. I have been living in Beijing for over year studying Mandarin because I have always been attracted to the Chinese culture, and as a way to differentiate my career.

CURRENTLY:  I moved to HK several weeks ago where I am looking for new job opportunities.  I am really interested in Corporate Development or Investor Relations areas, though I am open to other challenging sector opportunities. My Chinese level is quite advanced (HSK5) and I continue studying every day. I am native in Spanish and can also speak fluent English and Portuguese (more).

THE BLOG: The main purposes of “Dos gatos en Asia” is: i) to show the life of an mandarin student in Beijing, the good, the bad and the incredible moments; ii) discover the behind the scenes of Hong Kong apart from the skyline and the banking industry, iii) some insights about China, its economy and architecture. Moreover, I also try to share my tips and materials of Chinese learning. I am also part of the biggest Social Media in Spanish about China, Chinalati, as an active blogger.

The REASON why I write in Spanish, and not in English is just my contribution to this language. Spanish has c50m more native speakers than English (total of c400m vs c 350m of English Speakers), representing more than 6% of the Worlwide population, just behind mandarin Chinese. despite it is becoming increasingly popular (mainly by the influence in the US) there is still a long way to go to place this language on the important position it deserves.

REQUESTS?: If you are interested in my experience, you are learning Chinese,  you want to talk about business, or you want me to write about some particular issue, do contact me!

Maria 曼莉亚

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